Renter Insurance
Protection for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Rental

A Renters Policy is invaluable for protecting your
personal property against situations such as a robbery
or a fire in an adjacent rental unit that causes smoke or
water damage.  Should you unfortunately experience a
tragedy like a fire, did you know that the Salvation Army
provides shelter for only 2 days, which may not cover
the time to repair your residence?  Also, have you ever
thought about how much it would cost to replace all of
your clothes, furniture, appliances, carpets, food, plates,
jewelry, computers, to even your smaller items such as
salt and pepper shakers?

Gersh Insurance provides renters insurance coverage
homeowners insurance coverage) that will help
you and your family rebuild, refurnish, recover and
restore possessions and peace of mind should damage
occur.  It covers your personal belongings including
furniture, clothing, appliances and much more, as well
as loss of use for living expenses when the rental
residence is damaged and uninhabitable.

Renter insurance coverage of $30,000 is available for as
low as $167 per year* - well worth the cost to protect the
investment you have in your personal property!
(*Situations may vary cost.)

A Renters Policy also provides liability insurance should
someone get injured in your rental unit and decide to
sue you.  This protection covers if someone accidentally
gets hurt on the property, if their property is damaged
while at your residence, or if you unintentionally injure
someone while away from your residence.

Our coverage options include:

  • Personal Property Protection. Covers the loss or
    damage of your possessions.
  • Family Liability Protection. Provides legal
    representation and protection against judgments.
  • Guest Medical Protection. Covers medical costs for
    visitors injured at your residence.
  • Additional Living Expenses. Provides reimbursement
    for costs of temporary housing during
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