Home Insurance
Protection for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Home

Your home provides shelter and security for you, your
family and your possessions. It is also your most
significant investment. You want to ensure that you
have the right amount of financial protection you need
should any damage occur to your property.

Gersh Insurance provides homeowners insurance
coverage (and
renters insurance coverage) that will
help you and your family rebuild, refurnish, recover and
restore possessions and peace of mind should damage
occur.  It covers your home’s structure; detached
structures such as a garage or shed; personal
belongings including furniture, clothing, appliances and
much more; loss of use for living expenses when the
home is damaged and uninhabitable; and liability
protection.  We also provide liability protection if
someone accidentally gets hurt on the property, if their
property is damaged while at your home, or if you
unintentionally injure someone while away from home.

Our coverage options include:

  • Contents Replacement. Provides full replacement
    cost for personal belongings.
  • Additional Replacement Cost Protection. Provides
    the extra insurance you need to rebuild your
    house if your coverage amount is inadequate.
  • Personal Injury. Protects you against libel and
  • Identity Theft Protection. Provides assistance from
    a consumer fraud specialist and covers expenses
    related to restoring your good name and financial
  • Valuable Items Plus Endorsement. Provides a
    blanket of coverage that is broader than what a
    basic Homeowners policy provides. It is the right
    coverage for people who own valuable
    possessions such as jewelry, artwork cameras
    and computers.
  • Personal Articles Floater. Provides even more
    comprehensive coverage that the Valuables
    Items Plus endorsement. It is the right coverage
    for people who wish to schedule items that have
    been carefully selected and whose values exceed
    the limits of either Homeowners policy or Valuable
    Items Plus endorsement.
  • Umbrella Policy. Offers additional liability
  • Flood Coverage. Flood damage is typically not
    covered under a homeowners policy. This
    affordable coverage covers damage to your
    property and provides cleanup reimbursement.
  • Pleasure Boat Insurance for small watercrafts.

Our Dwelling Fire policy provides coverage for up to four
locations, rental properties, or those residential one
and two family properties that might otherwise not be
eligible for homeowners coverage.  Ideally the locations
are good to above average quality with updated
dwelling systems, secondary egresses, smoke
detectors, CO detectors, railings, and
gutters/downspouts; no lead concerns, long-term
tenant occupancy up to four families; limited landlord
operations; and a value up to $750,000.
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