Life Insurance
Protection for Yourself and Your Family

Life insurance is a contract that guarantees payment to
a beneficiary after the death of the person who is
insured. It can be used for a number of needs —
including family protection, business planning,
supplemental income and estate and charitable
planning. One of the most attractive features of life
insurance is that its death benefit is free of federal
income tax, and if properly structured, free of federal
estate tax.

Gersh Insurance offers a broad range of life insurance
products for you to consider:

  • Term Life for when you are going to college,
    getting married, have a new job, starting a
    family, or taking out a loan.  Term life insurance
    policies are designed to provide temporary
    protection at an affordable cost - particularly in
    the earlier years.  It covers you for a specific
    period of time - from 10 to 30 years.
  • Permanent Life, including Whole Life, Universal
    Life and Variable Universal Life, provides
    coverage for an insured's lifetime and remains in
    force until the policy matures provided that the
    required premiums are paid.

While most people associate life insurance with death
benefits, there are other common uses for life

  • Income Replacement if you are a working spouse,
    and your family relies on your income to pay bills.
    A life insurance policy can help to replace that
    income when you're gone.
  • Debt Payoff for when you die, and your family still
    owes the debt you have. A life insurance policy
    can help them pay off that debt.
  • Funeral Expenses since they are expensive. Life
    insurance policies give your family a means of
    paying for your funeral that won't affect their
  • College Tuition in the event that, left alone, your
    spouse may no longer be able to fund your
    children's college savings plans. A life insurance
    policy can provide funds to pay for their schooling.
  • Estate Taxes should you have a large estate to
    pass on to your heirs, then there will be estate
    taxes to pay. A life insurance policy can provide
    the funds necessary and prevent the liquidation
    of your assets.

At Gersh Insurance, we also offer Disability Insurance.

When you have a disability of any type, your time,
energy, and emotions are all heightened as you begin
the journey to learn all you can so that you can regain
the best quality of life that you can, given your
particular circumstances. And, if you are married, and/or
if you have children, trying to communicate with them
what is going on with you, as well as to your doctors,
becomes a difficult chore also.

With all of this chaos in your life, the absolute last thing
that you need to worry about is money! What if I can't
work any longer? How will the bills be paid?

Perhaps you are saying that you do not need any
disability insurance. Consider the following:

  • The chances of using your Homeowners
    Insurance are about 1 in 88. The odds of using
    your Auto Insurance at about 1 in 47. The
    chances of using your Disability Insurance is
    about 2 in 5.
  • One out of two women and one out of three men
    will spend some time in a nursing home. (Journal
    of the American Society of CLU, 1996)
  • More than 12 million older Americans will require
    some form of long term care by 2020. (Health
    Insurance Association of America)
  • 72% of residents in a nursing home are women.
    90% of nursing home residents are over the age
    of 65. 22% of the disabled population is under
    age 65. (Puget Sound Life Underwriters Journal
  • Functionally disabled people between the ages
    of 18 and 64 represent 40% of Americans
    needing long term care services. (Life Insurance
    Selling 1995)
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