Lapse in Coverage: When a policyholder neglects to pay his/her premium, this results in a
break in continuous insurance coverage. During the time of nonpayment the vehicle is not
covered. This time period is called a lapse in coverage.

Lease: Contract whereby the owner or user of property (the lessor) agrees to let another
party (the leasee) use the property for a consideration (money or rent).

Leasehold Insurance: Insurance for the tenant of a property leased against the loss of
value of the lease or of profit from a sub-lease through termination of the lease by fire or
other peril insured against.

Liability: Under the law, liability is the legal responsibility for someone's negligent acts that
have resulted in costs and damages.  Broadly, any legally enforceable obligation.

Liability Coverage: Refers to coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

Liability Insurance: Insurance coverage designed to protect against claims alleging one's
negligence or inappropriate action resulting in bodily injury or property damage.

Liability Limits: The sum or sums beyond which a liability insurance company does not
protect the insured on a liability policy.

Lifetime Maximum: A cap on insurance benefits paid for the life of a health insurance policy.

Loss of Use: Coverage that pays for expenses such as accommodations or food while the
home is undergoing repair.

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